flower benefits, why you should have them

Let Me Give You Some Flowers...

Ohh, Flowers! For me?


Yes, flowers for you. Flowers for me. Flowers for your candles. Why, you ask? Because flowers, well plants in general have so many health benefits and they just look GOOD! Let’s just focus on flowers for now.


Flowers remind me of the moment. Being present and noticing the patterns of flowers are the patterns of life. They remind me of how delicate yet powerful we are. These beautiful beings just grow. Without fear of rain or animals or what people think of them. They just are. They just be. They remind me to just be.


Flowers are amazing because just being in their presence can help improve our emotional health. When people take flowers to a person in dis-ease, it is beneficial because flowers help us through the healing process and they clean the air. Patients with flowers in their rooms healed quicker than patients without. Evidently, flowers can help boost our creativity and memory too.


It’s so relaxing just looking at flowers but to smell their scent, it’s pure love. There’s so much to love about these colorful works of nature. That’s why FON Candles puts flowers in the candles. Nature is all around us and it takes care of us in every way. So, let’s go to our nature…