You're My AFROdisiac

So, AFROdisiac, formally spelled aphrodisiac, is known as anything that arouses sexual desire. Things from foods to scents to even music (queue Brandy’s “Afrodisiac” song) are known as aphrodisiacs perhaps to be used on romantic evenings or for a night just as special spent alone. Juicy grapefruit makes up most of the FON Afrodisiac fragrance because it may be considered an aphrodisiac, something to eat and smell in those special times... fresh eucalyptus, flowers, and healing bamboo leaves are the other prominent notes highlighted in the AFROdisiac scented FON candles. 
Grapefruits are filled with flavor and healthful antioxidants. They are filled with fiber which helps you stay full longer which can help if you want to shed a few pounds. It’s funny, grapefruit can be used to boost your energy in a glass of juice but this same glass of juice, when enjoyed before bed, can help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. It is said to be tryptophan, the same chemical that gives us the sleepy feeling after we eat (the itis), that causes this contrasting effect. For everyday uses grapefruits may also aid in hydration and constipation to name a few. Plus the smell is incredible!
Many use eucalyptus oil for natural remedies like to relieve coughs and sinus congestion but it can also be used as a natural disinfectant and insect repellent. Added to this candle fragrance it is nothing short of amazing for aromatherapy. 
The sweet scent of jasmine and lily flowers is excellent in softening the AFROdisiac fragrance. The bamboo leaves add a clean, fresh tone to the mix. These leaves can also be used in tea. There are some health benefits some have taken from these leaves such as helping with digestion and regulating menstrual cycles. The bamboo scent is used in some cultures to clear negative energy in order to help it flow and to attract love and other peaceful feelings while causing some afrodisiacal feelings. 
This is a quick overview for the AFROdisiac candle but can be applied to life for mindful, healthful living as FON seeks to apply art, science, nature, and love to each candle and bring us back to nature. 
Finally, FON uses the “Afro” spelling in AFROdisiac to acknowledge Afros everywhere. FON is not just candles, it’s a lifestyle. Let's go to our nature.