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My name is Tiffoni and I am licensed massage therapist. My journey in wellness began in 2017 with candles and 2019 with massage therapy. In 2019 I earned my Master's degree in Health and Wellness Education which further inspired me to teach others the art of wellness.

Many disorders such as heart disease, cancer, and hormonal disruptions originate from stress. Massage therapy is a therapeutic intervention that can help to manage stress and improve overall well-being. My mission is to bring the spa to you by creating a peaceful and stress reducing atmosphere using aromatherapy candles included with each massage along with massage techniques that bring you mental and muscular relief.

**PLEASE NOTE: These services are offered from a professional, licensed massage therapist. Inappropriate comments or behavior will not be tolerated. Your session can be cancelled or terminated at the discretion of the massage therapist.**

An aromatherapy candle comes with each massage...

...relieve stress, anxiety, and strengthen your immune system.

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Love, Fon

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