I am the lifestyle affirmation to remind us to live a healthier lifestyle.

I Am the Lifestyle

“I am the lifestyle” is an affirmation for me. While I kept trying to change my diet and workout vigorously, only to get burned out, then stop, I realized I need to change my lifestyle. By saying “I AM the lifestyle”, I’ve made healthy changes slowly but surely that I’d like to keep as a part of my everyday life.


This is what it is all about for me! I’m passionate about health & wellness because it’s so universal! For me, I learned a lot of nothing about health while I was growing up. When I say that I mean, they never taught us how addictive sugar really is. Or how those dyes in our candy (that they sold us at the school house) are banned in other countries. These dyes have been linked to ADHD, depression, asthma, and tumor growths (health.clevelandclinic.org).


We spent time in basic health classes learning how alcohol affects the body but where was the warning about cereal? I’d eat cereal for breakfast in the morning not even knowing that the ingredients had to be investigated for the potentially carcinogenic affects of the preservatives, BHT and BHA. Why did the European Union ban this chemical? Probably because the evidence concluded that there is cause for concern in its safety. Not only is it carcinogenic (“can act as a tumor promoter in certain situations” www.davidsuzuki.org), it is a hormone disrupter which means it interrupts the balance of our hormones that regulate every single process within our bodies. The United Nations does not even want these chemicals falling into the oceans! They know how dangerous it is to aquatic life. Yet, here we are, buying and eating this stuff they’ve added to cereal unnecessarily.


Well, food and healthcare are big business here in the USA so it is our own choices that will drive the big companies to stop selling these harmful foods when we stop buying them. The more we wake up and start becoming the healthy lifestyle, the more these companies will try to adapt to what we really need as humans. Oh yeah, and we need to start growing our own food. We can talk more on this another day because there are plenty of other health topics to be discussed. Grab your affirmation “I am the Lifestyle” crop tops now! Be safe. Love, FON





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