Our Graceful Jasmine

Delightful is what I feel when the fragrance of a jasmine FON Candle enters my senses. It takes hold of me in the most graceful manner and I allow it to work on soothing my emotions by helping me to relax. Like the sound of harp strings being stroked, the scent is pleasantly subtle yet, you know for sure that it is there. As I sit right now, sipping my warm mug of fresh jasmine leaf tea with my jasmine FON Candle flickering, I feel life’s abundance, my anxiety clears, and I trust everything will be alright.


Jasmine is a fragrance that smells the way it tastes. Tea made with jasmine flowers may give you the same feeling of just burning a candle in your living room, but on your taste buds. Floral and romantic were not flavors for me before but are now how I describe the taste of jasmine tea. The tea is not only wonderful to drink, it can also have wonderful effects on our bodies. Now, I am no doctor and I cannot diagnose ailments or cure conditions, however, when I find a natural and delicious way to maintain my health, I take full advantage of research on these gifts the earth provides us. From giving our immune system a boost, to helping with weight-loss, helping to regulate blood-sugar levels, providing antioxidants, and relieving stress, jasmine just about covers everything. With all of these great benefits it’s no wonder it was used in the west as far back as the 1800s.


So, this widely used flower can also be turned into a gentle skincare routine. Bustle.com suggests adding a couple of tablespoons of dried jasmine flowers to raw honey for a complexion brightening facial you can leave on for up to 5 minutes. This sounds like an elegant way to cleanse, especially with a Jasmine scented FON Candle lit as you lay back and feel the benefits of the whole jasmine flower for your mind, body, and soul.  


With everything that is going on these days it is important to remember to take a moment and relieve stress. Although many of us cannot take breaks, it is still crucial to our health to take time out to breath. Just like the jasmine flower, this too can help our immune systems stay strong. Let’s go to our nature.






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