Sage, I'm Your #1 Fan

FON’s sage scented candle has a clean, fresh fragrance, suitable for any part of your home. Sage is a very useful herb and its uses date back thousands of years. Whether the sage leaves are fresh or dry they serve so many purposes. From sage tea and butter to dried sage sticks, sage, or salvare (Latin for healing) can be a major part of your daily life.


It’s been used by some to help soothe a sore throat, menopausal hot flashes, and heartburn with the use of sage tea. It has also been used on insect bites so it can be a topical aide also. There are some recipes for sage and vodka spritzers to sip on those lazy Friday nights when you want to kick back with your sage candle flame swaying in the background.


Cooking with sage adds a new flavor to drinks, condiments, snacks, and meals. Sage frozen in ice cubes, sage butter, sage and pineapple, and eggs with sage are just a few ways to spice up your kitchen. I’ve started adding sage to random meals like soups and my favorite, spaghetti.


Lastly, burning a sage stick is said to help cleanse places of energies from the outside world in a practice called “smudging”. The smoke of sage is thought to be purifying and is useful when moving into a new place, clearing your thoughts or to focus, and even to clear your own low spiritual energy (depression,anxiety).


So much to learn about this earth and this sensational herb, related to lavender and rosemary, is one step along the path of awareness. Like anything in life, moderation is key and if you decide to try these things mentioned above, whether they work for you or not remember it’s about the journey! It is no wonder why sage is one of FON’s most popular candle fragrances. Light your sage scented FON candle today!



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